How Does Your Attachment Style Affect Your Success in Relationships?

Believe it or not, the manner in which you were cared for during childhood can significantly affect your success in adult relationships with others. Research shows that when children grow up in a family with limited emotional closeness, are physically abused, or emotionally neglected by a parent or other care-giver, they...

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Help for Difficult Conversations Like Talking to Kid About Sex: A Book Review

When  I decided it was time to engage my tween-aged daughter in a talk about “where babies come from.” in addition to trying to explain concepts such as reproductive anatomy and menstruation on my own, I presented her with a book called It’s So Amazing! A Book About Eggs, Sperm,...

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Spirituality Belongs in Therapy

Spirituality belongs in therapy. Therapy is a psychological/spiritual journey. Although many of my clients spend very little time discussing spirituality and religion with me, I think it is present whenever we are discussing a person’s values, their impact on the world, their sense of aliveness or spirit and their purpose. Thus,...

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Ask Your Adult Children What Kind of Father You Were

Occasionally a father will ask me if he should believe his adult son. Many fathers have trouble believing when their sons tell them that they did a good job.  As a typical parent, he remembers the things that he would like to have changed and done differently.  Many fathers...

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Autism, kid looking far away without interesting

6 Simple Ways to Help Decrease Anxiety in Children

Kids are supposed to be carefree, right? In today’s world, stress and anxiety are common in everyone—including children. There are many things we can do as parents and adults that can help reduce anxiety and stress levels in children. First, it helps if you can determine the triggers that may...

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My Client is An Orchestra

Individuals and Families’ can be compared to an orchestra: when one instrument is out of tune the music can be harsh and unpleasant to listen to. Therapy is a way of fine tuning how the orchestra sounds. When therapy begins the therapist first must be a listener and observer. ...

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Aerobics class practising deep breathing for relaxation lying on their backs on their mats on the floor with focus to a young African American woman in the foreground

Learning to Relax with Heart-Focused Breathing

Learning to relax is a highly valuable skill.  Several years ago I attended a conference on Heart-Focused Breathing Technique.  I was pretty skeptical but I was also stressed out and uncertain I possessed the ability to  help my clients deal with anxiety and stress.  My father had recently passed...

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4 Destructive Relationship Habits

Relationships are complicated and require daily work to maintain. When we maintain healthy relationships the payback can be quite fulfilling and rewarding. Often when couples get together they believe the fairy tale of happy ever after. There is a happy ever after for those willing to put the work in and look...

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Join Us In A Celebration To Lead With Kindness

That’s right! … Kindness. Gydo is on a mission to lead with kindness to end bullying. How are we going to do that you ask? For starters, this weekend, June 27th, we are enthusiastically sponsoring  BAMB! “Bikers and Musicians Against Bullies.” Beginning at noon on Saturday, bikers will leave on a charity ride from 8...

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LMHC Means What to Me?

As noted in Kathy Slaughter’s recent article about Social Workers, it is important to have knowledge about the training and credentials of the various mental health providers who are in practice in order to assist you in choosing the provider who is best suited to you.   Who is...

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