Aerobics class practising deep breathing for relaxation lying on their backs on their mats on the floor with focus to a young African American woman in the foreground

Learning to Relax with Heart-Focused Breathing

Learning to relax is a highly valuable skill.  Several years ago I attended a conference on Heart-Focused Breathing Technique.  I was pretty skeptical but I was also stressed out and uncertain I possessed the ability to  help my clients deal with anxiety and stress.  My father had recently passed...

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4 Destructive Relationship Habits

Relationships are complicated and require daily work to maintain. When we maintain healthy relationships the payback can be quite fulfilling and rewarding. Often when couples get together they believe the fairy tale of happy ever after. There is a happy ever after for those willing to put the work in and look...

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YAT Empowers For Life Tackling Bullying Head On

Bullying is one of the most critical issues children face. At minimum, bullying causes emotional distress; at worst, it can lead to tragic school shootings and suicide. Gydo is proud to partner with one of Indianapolis’ true gems, the Young Actor’s Theatre, to tackle bullying head-on in the YAT...

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Join Us In A Celebration To Lead With Kindness

That’s right! … Kindness. Gydo is on a mission to lead with kindness to end bullying. How are we going to do that you ask? For starters, this weekend, June 27th, we are enthusiastically sponsoring  BAMB! “Bikers and Musicians Against Bullies.” Beginning at noon on Saturday, bikers will leave on a charity ride from 8...

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LMHC Means What to Me?

As noted in Kathy Slaughter’s recent article about Social Workers, it is important to have knowledge about the training and credentials of the various mental health providers who are in practice in order to assist you in choosing the provider who is best suited to you.   Who is...

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Spend Summer with Your Kids, Happily

Ah, summer.  It is sunny, hot, and full of outside activities and fun.  Kids love it, and parents….well, parents might have more of a love/hate relationship with it.  Let’s be honest.  When kids go from being in school most of the day, five days a week, seeing their happy,...

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Let Others Be Your Teachers

Do you actively let others teach you about life?  Do you stop for a moment and ask yourself what someone else knows that you don’t know?  Do you actively ask questions that allow others to teach you what they know? No? Keep reading: Consider Learning by Observing Some self-development...

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Alphabet Soup: What do all those letters after your name mean anyway?

If you are in the process of choosing a mental health provider, chances are that the person you’re considering meeting with has several letters after his/her name that you’re not familiar with.  That makes sense—there are several groupings of letters that are likely to be there, and each one...

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Was I a “Good” Mom?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I tend to reflect on my own effectiveness as a mom. A Facebook status posted last year by my daughter (now 35) comes to mind. She made the comment that she was grateful that her parents allowed her to “fall on her face” while growing...

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My Experience with the Police in my Urban Neighborhood

Twenty years ago this May, I graduated with my Masters in Social Work.  I was bright eyed, passionate, and full of dreams.  As a young twenty something, I bought a house in an urban community where I had started volunteering with children.   On the second night after I moved...

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